Badminton in I Para – Inclusive Games organized by the Community of Madrid

Badminton in I Para – Inclusive Games organized by the Community of Madrid

The origin of the Project is the Development Plan of Phisical Activity and Inclusive Sport in the Community of Madrid, whose main goal is to promote a new  sport competition  life style, where disability sports people and non – disability sport people facing in a commun way this challenge.

For this first edition, different sport modalities have been selected, some of them in an adapted format such basketball in weelchair, also, specific kind of them such Goalball or Boccia and a lot of  different inclusive competitions.

All the activities reached the main goal:to promote the sport as a prioriy element of social transformation about disability in native people from Madrid.

The modality of Badminton was included because of the purpose of Chamartin Badminton Club and Las rozas Badminton Club, following the model that is already promoting throught The Colaboration Project funded by Erasmus+: Sport 2018-2020 and whose name is BADMINTON FOR ALL. European network for Promotion of Inclusive Badminton.

The training session was made on Wednesday 12th September from 16:00 to 21:00 hours. Navalcarbon Sport Hall directed by Sanitas and Cathedra Sanitas Fundation of Inclusive Studies (CEDI). At the same time, these sessions were given by Andrea Gutierrez to 17 people who attended to it.

The inaugural ceremony took place on Friday, 14th September, at the athletics track in Navalcarbón at 9:00 pm, bringing together over 400 athletes from the different sports that participated in the competitions. The participants wore the commemorative T-shirt of  I Para-Inclusive Games.In  badminton modality, players, managers and volunteers of  badminton club Chamartín, Las Rozas and Collado Villalba participated in these sessions, enjoying a day that produced very pleasant experiences.

The inclusive competition of badminton, under the technical direction of Chamartín Badminton Club with the collaboration of Badminton Club Las Rozas and  Collado Villalba Badminton Club , took place on Sunday, 16th September, from 10:00 am to 1:00 p.m. Meetings were played in the categories of: minors (up to 15 years old), Youth / Absolute (=> 15 to 29 years old) and seniors (30 years old and up). Single modalities (female and male), double modalities (female and male) and mixed were scheduled for all categories. Participants in the competition were Drop Badminton Club (Toledo) and Arjonilla Badminton Club (Jaén) with international experience and winners of important trophies, which gave the competition the level that is expected to be achieved in future editions of these Para-Inclusive Games.

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